How to avoid a ‘bad collision’ on the Sydney Metro train

When you get on the Metro train, there’s always the risk of a bad collision.

And when you’re heading out on the road, that same potential exists, with some of the worst collisions occurring at intersections.

Here are 10 ways to keep your head out of the drivers seat.


Use your phone to help avoid a bad crash.

A good way to avoid the collision that could put you in hospital is to avoid using your phone.

Some of the best ways to do this include using an app or a map to locate your location and avoiding looking at the phone.

Check out this handy guide to finding your way around the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Make sure you’re wearing a seatbelt.

If you’re not wearing a helmet, it’s possible that you could be involved in a collision that causes serious injuries.

Check your seatbelt sign at each station and check that the seatbelt is secure.

If the seatbelts are not visible, the most obvious way to check it is to check for any punctures or holes on the seat belt.


Use a GPS to get around the station.

If your phone is out, you can use a smartphone to find your way through the station and keep yourself safe.

You can download an app that uses your phone’s location to track your location.

If a train is coming up, you could even ask the train to stop to let you pass.

If there are no trains, ask the driver to stop and allow you to pass.

This could also help you find the next train, as some trains have stop-and-go service, which means that some trains can be delayed for a short period of time.


Check if there are any signs of a train wreck.

If any signs appear on the train, they should indicate that the train is not safe to use and that there is a train that may be in trouble.

Check the information for the train and ask the drivers if there is any information that they can give you.


Use GPS to find the nearest train.

If no trains are coming, ask for directions to the nearest station, especially if the train isn’t moving.

A map and/or smartphone can help you locate your train by using the GPS feature.


Check where the train has stopped.

If not moving, ask passengers to stop at a station where they have a sign on the door indicating that the stop is open.

Ask the driver if he/she is willing to open the door for you.

If it is not open, ask them to move the seat so that you can get to your seat.


Make a plan to escape the station if there’s a train in trouble 7.

Check to see if there has been a train accident.

If so, take the train out to try to escape.

Make your escape plan from the car if possible.


Use an app to locate the nearest rail crossing.

The app or map can help to identify the nearest stations and train tracks.

If an accident happens at the intersection, it could take a long time for people to get out safely.

It may be possible to use the app to find a train, or a train station, which can also be used to find where you need to be. 9.

If in doubt, call your GP.

Your GP may be able to assist you if you need help.

Ask them to be at the station to make sure you don’t need to get off the train.


Check for your seat belt buckle.

Make certain that you have your seat belts on when you get off a train.

The more you use your seatbelves, the more likely it is that you will be involved with a collision and that you’ll need to use a seat belt to help prevent injuries.

You should always buckle your seat, even if you have not done so yet.

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