How to get around the flatiron block

The flatiron, one of the city’s tallest buildings, is a bit of a symbol of New York’s changing character.

A couple of years ago, its façade was torn down, replaced with a giant metal cross that stands in for the Statue of Liberty.

The old building has since been converted into a museum and a cafe, but it’s now worth $6.5 million.

The building’s owner has now started a campaign to make the cross a part of the building, and a new public art piece will be erected next year, a spokesman said.

The block, named for its height and the name of the neighborhood where it’s located, is home to an estimated 300,000 residents.

Its popularity among residents has led some of them to put up signs saying “flatiron” or “flat” in response to the tower’s recent demolition.

“It’s like we’re not a big city anymore,” says James, who works for the community nonprofit Flatiron Neighborhoods.

“We’re not the city that was around for 400 years, but now we’re a big place.”

But for residents who feel a little less comfortable in the new era, the project isn’t the only change.

A new street name has also been created for the block, which was named after a neighborhood where Flatiron Square sits.

It’s called Brooklyn Avenue, after the city block that is part of Flatiron Park, a popular park with basketball courts, a skate park and a skateboard park.

For many residents, the change is just a step in the right direction, but not everyone is happy.

They’re calling it the “New Flatiron” in reference to the block’s elevation.

Some residents are upset with the change, but others say the street name is simply a way of marketing the new name.

As the new Flatiron is being built, residents of the Flatiron neighborhood are taking to Twitter to express their frustration with the new names.

This is Flatiron, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, the new flatiron is called Brooklyn and there is a street name for it.

— Mandy (@mandymills) March 14, 2021 Some of the street names, like Brooklyn Avenue and Brooklyn Park, have been around for years, while others are more recent, like Flatiron Heights.

A spokesperson for the New York City Department of Transportation confirmed that the agency was working with Flatiron Neighbors on the new street names.

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