How to get the best deal on the biggest home in Melbourne for your kids

Domaine Ott has a pretty large yard and a lot of space in a small space.

But for our kids, the place was just too much for them to handle. 

In fact, the house has more than twice the space of the average family house, and our five-year-old and five-month-old had to be restrained on one occasion when they jumped into the backyard and got themselves trapped.

“We have a four-bedroom house with a two-car garage in a very small backyard.

We have to be really careful because it’s a really big yard,” one of the girls told the ABC.”

It’s hard enough to keep a baby safe, but you’ve got to be careful.”

The house was built in the 1800s, but the house itself was recently renovated.

“We are still doing all of our repairs,” Domaine said.

“But the house is quite old, so it’s not a place for us to take our babies.” 

We can only hope that the boys aren’t too much bigger and more dangerous.

Domaine Oitt has a three-bedroom property in Melbourne’s west that sits in a backyard.

We asked Domaine what she thought of her house.

“I’m just trying to live a normal life, and to do that I had to have some of the other things,” she said.

The house is not in a well-lit area and it is in a relatively quiet area.

Domaine is a registered architect and her work is featured on the Victoria Architectural Heritage Register.

She said her family was very fortunate to have been able to enjoy her home.

“Our house is still very much in the family tradition,” she told the ABC.

For our little girls, Domaine has been a blessing in disguise.

You can read more stories from our Victoria family at our Victoria blog.

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