New Delhi: India’s search engines will soon become the most searched in the world

India’s Google is set to launch an instant domain search service, the first in the region, which will allow people to search for their favourite search terms instantly.

The launch comes a month after Google launched a similar service to help people find the latest news on news sites in India, which launched in June.

The new service is part of a broader effort by the Indian government to create a more efficient search engine.

India already has a number of services that allow people who can’t use traditional search engines to find news, entertainment and other content quickly.

Google’s Instant Search service is expected to be a part of the new service.

It will enable search engine users to type in the words they want to search, search for them and then click on the link.

The search engine will then take the information from the results and send it to a localised website.

Google said it will offer the service for free to people who are eligible to access it. “

We believe this will be an important tool for Indian users as we move towards the digital age.”

Google said it will offer the service for free to people who are eligible to access it.

It has a similar search engine, Google News, for English-speaking users in the US, and a search engine for Indian-speaking people in the UK.

Google News, which is available in about 100 countries around the world, has more than two billion daily users.

India’s biggest search engine Google News has more users than Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia combined, according to Google.

The Indian government has been experimenting with a range of online services to help citizens find news and other online content.

The Indian government is also planning to open a government website for people to share their news.

“This is an innovative way to increase access to the content and services we are offering,” Subramaniam said.

The announcement comes after the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to “open up the internet to everyone”. Read more:

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