Who are the top 10 domain names to search for in 2018?

TalkSport is the search engine for sports fans around the world.

The search engine is owned by WPP, the world’s largest sports marketing company.

The company operates in over 20 languages including French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

In 2018, the domain name registrar looked to its customers for top 10 sports domain names.

The top 10 domains to search are: www.yandex.ru,www.matthew.com,www,michael.sportsworld,www-sports.com.au,www(sport)world.com and www.mike.sports.ca.

You can browse through all of the top domains on TalkSport and discover the domains that are most popular in the country.

To find the top ten domains to visit, visit the TalkSport search page and click on the search box.

Here are the results:1.

www.sporting.com – This domain is used by the sports world.

Its a popular destination for sports events, concerts, concerts and even the occasional celebrity sports event.


www(sports)world – This is a popular sports domain name.


www-sports – This sports domain is owned and operated by Sports Australia.


mike.sports.ca – This Sports Australia sports domain has been around for quite some time and is used for hosting the official website for Mike Tyson.

5.www.sportsnet.com- This sports website is owned mainly by Sportsnet.

6. www2.com – This sports site is owned mostly by Yahoo and has been a major sports news source for a while.


www4.com (sportsnet4.net) – This site is mostly used by people who are fans of baseball, football and soccer.

8.www5.com (sportsnet5.net), www.sports (sports)net.au – This sport domain is also used by many sports channels and websites.

9. www7.com  (sports net7.net). 

This domain has some sports fans in the UK, but it is mostly a UK sports domain.


www10.com(sports.net10.net)(Sportsnet 10.net  ) – This site also uses a lot of sports words.

Check out the top 5 sports domain registrars in 2018.

More domains to explore: Domain search: Top 10 sports domains to look for in 2019

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