Why are you not using Google?

Searching for an apartment in New Delhi has taken over a year of my life.

My search for the right place was almost impossible until I stumbled across the domain apartments.com.

This website provides search results from nearly 100 cities across the world and can be used to search for an entire apartment.

I was delighted when I found an apartment that I was happy to rent.

It was just a matter of time before I found another apartment for rent.

The search experience on my website was simple.

When I enter an address or city, the page opens up with the search results.

The website then automatically fills in the information about the address or the city to show me the listings.

I clicked on one of the listings and was instantly taken to an apartment page.

The search engine automatically returned my apartment number and contact details and a quick message asking if I would like to rent the apartment.

After entering my email address, my apartment was automatically added to the search engine’s database.

When the search ended, the apartment page showed a “hotel” link, which led to a hotel booking form.

I then clicked on the link and entered my contact details.

The apartment booking form showed a hotel reservation page.

I typed my address in the box and entered the name of the hotel.

After confirming the hotel, I was redirected to the hotel’s website.

The next step was to check out the booking form and enter my reservation number.

I did this a few times, but after a while, the reservation page didn’t work properly.

The reservation form asked me to provide my phone number to confirm my booking.

This was the point where the problem began.

I didn’t have the money to pay the room and breakfast cost.

I had to pay a deposit of Rs 1,000, the deposit was then refunded after 3 days.

It also added up to a Rs 1.2 lakh.

I found the hotel to be an expensive option, but I was not willing to pay such a steep amount to rent an apartment from the hostel.

I decided to take a chance.

I clicked on “Ask me about my rent” and the hotel hostel responded with an email.

I told them about my problem.

They assured me that the apartment rental is free of charge.

I asked for my deposit back, but the hostels reply was that the deposit is refunded within 24 hours.

This means that the hostELS website is not working properly.

I emailed them back and asked them to refund the deposit.

Again, the reply was no.

I tried contacting the hotel again, but this time the reply came back saying that they had to wait for the deposit to be refunded.

I was still not satisfied with the hotel booking process.

I went to the website again and asked the hotel about the reservation.

I got a reply from the hotel that they would have to wait a week for the refund.

I also sent the hotel a message on Twitter and asked if they would refund the money I paid them.

They didn’t reply.

I contacted the hotel by phone and tried to contact them by email, but they never responded to my emails.

When a new problem comes up, I try to contact the hotel as often as possible.

The problem was not resolved.

The last straw was when I was informed that I would be paying an additional Rs 2,000 for the first day of my stay in the hotel and that it would be refundable within 24 hrs.

I received a reply stating that the refund would be sent within 24h.

I again contacted the hostEL website and the hostela said that they could not refund the amount I paid the hotel due to their bank security.

The hostEL did not respond to my tweets.

The hotel did not refund my deposit.

After this, I decided that the hotel was not worth my time.

I used another search engine, and the site returned the same information.

The site did not return my reservation details.

I have tried contacting and texting the hotel multiple times, yet the hotel still did not provide me with a response.

I would never rent an accommodation online in India.

The issue has now been resolved and the problem has been resolved, but now I am left with the frustration that the website is being unreliable and the hotels are not working.

This is a very frustrating experience, and I hope that the hotels will work with the government to improve the situation.

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